Magician Hire Brisbane

Searching for a Magician in Brisbane?

You have come to the right place!

I see that Google has returned 130,000 results for the search term ‘Magician hire Brisbane’ That sure is a lot of Brisbane Magicians, if only it were true.

If you are looking to hire a ‘good’ corporate, professional magician and entertainer in Brisbane your choice is limited to about five magicians, I know because I have been in the industry for 15 years and know every working Magician in Brisbane. The important thing is to hire the ‘right’ magician for your function. Some of them have dancing girls, smoke machines and large illusions; others are very good technical card manipulators.

My specialty is CLEAN COMEDY!

I have put together a very funny interactive comedy magic show that combines ‘clean’ comedy, funny sight gags and mind-blowing magic. It is a unique presentation that will guarantee to get your guest laughing and having a great time, and isn’t that what we all want when we head out of a night of entertainment.

I mentioned earlier, magician and ‘entertainer’. The magic content is only 50 percent of any show, the most important part is connecting with the audience by being ‘entertaining’, some others struggle with that part of the show. I am a cheeky Englishman who uses comedy and wit to get the audience on my side from the very first amazing magic trick that will have your mouth hanging open to the big funny emotional finale that often gets a standing ovation… is a unique ending that was created by me, a funny story about my Dad, believe it or not!

If you are looking to hire a Brisbane Magician, I do have a couple of tips that will help you get the ‘right’ entertainer for your next event. You can tell a lot about an magic entertainer by the initial phone conversation, are they helpful, can they offer practical advice based on experience, do they sound friendly and confident, if they do, they are likely to be the same at your event, are they experienced, do they have a show reel, testimonials that include the name and company, do they have a quality website. All these things will help you hire the right Brisbane Magician for your next function.

I am happy to share my 15 years of performing and entertaining experience with you to ensure that your next function is a big success, whether it be an intimate party for several friends or a corporate gala dinner I can structure a show to suit your requirements. For a no  obligation chat call me today to hear how I can add some real magic to your next event.