Comedy Magician Brisbane

Blending Stand-up Comedy and Hilarious Magic
Very Funny Interactive Comedy Magic Entertainment for Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings…and so much more!

“I highly recommend Glen for a  corporate function, Emma Collins, Human Resources, TUH”

What is a Comedy Magician?


What is a comedy Magician? Well, the answer is going to be different depending on whom you talk to and really if you are searching the internet for a comedy magician then what are your expectations.

I certainly call myself a comedy magician, for me, I mix clean stand up comedy, funny sight gags, audience participation and modern mind blowing magic to create an entertaining and funny magic show that is suitable for a corporate audience or a private adult function

Brisbane Entertainer – Comedy Magic Stage Show.

Brisbane Entertainer – Roving Magic.

When I say suitable for a corporate audience, what I mean is that I am not using corny hackneyed lines, I am well presented in a nice suit, not a old 1970’s shiny jacket. The magic is modern and contemporary using cutting edge techniques and skills to create some truly mind blowing magic that will wow the audience.

It is important that a good comedy magician treats the spectator and participants with respect, some don’t, so here are a few tips on how to hire a Brisbane comedy magician. A show reel is a must, ask to see a video of a recent performance, you can tell a lot by watching how the entertainer interacts with the audience, the sort of humour used and the kind of personality the magician has. Ask around, you may find that friends or colleagues have seen the magician elsewhere or know of the magician, you cannot get any better guide than others first hand experience. Testimonials are certainly worth looking at and it is quite reasonable to ask for the contact number of one of the testimonials and get a first hand report. When talking to the magician do they sound helpful, friendly, professional, experienced.

Price is something that you will have to consider, but do not think the most expensive comedy magician is the best performer and entertainer. Most performers of good standing fall into a standard price range, some beginners, amateurs, inexperienced or poor performers try to get work by quoting a very low price…so be aware that you often get what you pay for…some are very cheap, for a very good reason.

Ultimately you want the comedy magician to create some fun and excitement at your function without humiliating your guests, you want a seasoned, confident performer with a genuine nice, friendly personality.

A comedy magician certainly is a good option to entertain a corporate crowd especially because of the interactive nature of comedy magic as opposed to a straight comedian whose humour may not be to the liking of all guests.

Value for money I don’t think there is a better option for general entertainment of a large mixed group of people.

Comedy magician, Glen Rhodes has been a comedy entertainer for over 20 years and has performed at literally 1000’s of shows…book him with confidence.